Course Code: ECDL

The ECDL or European Computer Driving Licence, is an Internationally recognised qualification enabling people to certify their competence in essential computer skills and knowledge.

Now spanning some 60 countries worldwide, the ECDL is becoming the defacto global IT skills standard for the general public as well as playing a vital role in standardising core IT knowledge within corporate, educational and government bodies. In Ireland, the ECDL is the most popular IT qualification to get with almost 600,000 people now qualified or following the programme.

ECDL offers flexible pathways to certification and can be used towards a QQI or other awards. Learning and testing is entirely online.

The ECDL is also known as ICDL (International Computer Driving Licence) outside Europe.

  • ECDL is a globally recognised qualification
  • ECDL is the certification most widely recognised and highly valued by Irish employers
  • ECDL allows flexible pathways to certification
  • ECDL is online
  • ECDL can be used towards a QQI award
  • Online automated training and testing of learners

In order to take the tests, a candidate buys an ECDL Skills Card, which usually is issued electronically and serves as a login to the testing platform. To prepare for a module test, the candidate may use ECDL diagnostic tests. Testing is done using software which simulates the Windows/Microsoft Office environment. The candidate's mouse movements and keystrokes are monitored and the result of the test is reported immediately after the test is completed.


Since 2013, the syllabus has been divided into 18 modules on three levels:

Base Modules
  • Computer Essentials
  • Online Essentials
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
Standard Modules
  • Presentation
  • Using Databases
  • IT Security
  • Online Collaboration
  • Image Editing
  • Web Editing
  • Project Planning
  • 2D Computer Aided Design
  • Health Information Systems Usage
  • ICT in Education