Course Code: CS-1ST

CS First is a program that increases student access and exposure to computer science (CS) education.

Our materials:

  • are completely available online
  • are targeted at students aged 9-14
  • are tailored to fit the children's schedule and needs
  • involve block-based coding using Scratch and are themed to attract students with varied interests


In Storytelling, students use computer science to tell fun and interactive stories. Storytelling emphasizes creativity by encouraging club members to tell a unique story each day.


In Friends, students are encouraged to sign up with a friend or make a new friend in the club. Friends emphasizes teamwork by allowing club members to tell the story of how their friendship started and imagine a company together.

Fashion & Design

In Fashion & Design, students learn how computer science and technology are used in the fashion industry while building fashion-themed programs, like a fashion walk, a stylist tool, and a pattern maker.


In Art, students create animations, interactive artwork, photograph filters, and other exciting, artistic projects.

Social Media

In Social Media, students create fun social media style applications and games while learning about the computer science concepts that enable these programs to work.


In Sports, students use computer science to simulate extreme sports, make their own fitness gadget commercial, and create commentary for a big sporting event.

Music & Sound

In Music & Sound, students use the computer to play musical notes, create a music video, and build an interactive music display while learning how programming is used to create music.

Game Design

In Game Design, students learn basic video game coding concepts by making different types of games, including racing, platform, launching, and more!


Students create fun and complex animated projects. This is an advanced curriculum, which means it teaches new concepts that are recommended for students who have already participated in at least two other CS First themes.